Personal history

History is a funny thing. Mine, anyways.

I’m one who believes wholeheartedly that who you are in the present relies a great deal on what has gone past in your life. Your history. Your own personal timeline. Experiences, circumstances, people, places and things that have passed through your journey in life are part of what makes up the whole of the person. No matter how fleeting. No matter how great, or insignificant.

Tonight, a part of my past waltzed into my present — making me pause and think about it. It wasn’t even a waltz, really — it was more of a Fox Trot. A short one.

Trot in. Trot out.

Where there used to be Tango’s - - now there are Trots. That’s ok.

So much time has passed - - and the memories are still strong, and pleasant.

One Trot. A voice enters the mind.

Unforgettable, that.

I am well. I hope you are, too.